Telefonica fined EUR 5 mln over 'false alerts' in ULL market 

Telefonica fined EUR 5 mln over 'false alerts' in ULL market
Telefonica has received another major regulatory fine in Spain, of EUR 5 million for what the regulator CNMC called "serious infringements" in the local loop market. In the period 01 January 2014 to 31 October 2015, the CNMC found that Telefonica was incorrectly labeling technical complaints from alternative operators using its local loop network as 'false alerts' and subsequently applying penalties to the operators. However, Telefonica did not sufficiently investigate the complaints and between 53.8 and 78.2 percent of those labelled as false may have been incorrectly so designated, the CNMC said. This may have caused losses for the alternative operators of several million euros, as well as affecting their image with clients.

***Argentina has loosened regulations to allow more competition in its telecoms sector and widen internet penetration. A government decree published declared that the government hopes its actions will attract billions of dollars in investments.Companies will no longer be barred from simultaneously providing cable TV, internet, fixed line and mobile phone services. Satellite TV company DirecTV will, for example, be allowed to sell internet services while cable operator Cablevision SA gets the green light to enter the 4G mobile telephone market.However, the main telephone players including Telefonica, Telecom Argentina, and Claro will only be able to offer paid television from next January 2018.

***Nigerian subsea cable operator MainOne has expanded its enterprise offerings by launching cloud-based Microsoft business tools in the country. The product, called SME-in-a-Box Pro, is designed to bring small and medium enterprises (SMEs) tools such as Office 365 and Exchange Online, along with broadband communications from MainOne.
"The SME-in-a-Box Pro is a welcome product for small businesses who require tools that enable their ability to scale up," said MainOne CEO. She said that SMEs will be able to subscribe to the online products in local currency rather than US dollars, with support from MainOne staff in Nigeria.

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