In Brief:ITU recommends charger standardisation 

The International Telecommunications Union has issued a recommendation for charger standardisation. Under the new standard, chargers for laptops and other portable devices would be interchangeable between devices of different brands. The ITU suggested this standardisation would decrease electronic waste, as chargers would not be discarded each time a new device was bought.

*** The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has followed up its recent award of a 4G licence to Nepal Telecom (NT) by calling on rival operator Ncell to submit its own work plan for the rollout of LTE technology in the 1800MHz band which it currently uses for 3G services. Ncell’s plan will be submitted ‘soon’, with services expected to be launched in early 2017; NT has already been given *** The global macrocell mobile backhaul equipment market is set to post revenues of USD 8.3 billion in 2016, down 1 percent on the 2015 figure due to increasing pressure on equipment pricing.The figure is significantly lower than the 5 percent rise posted between 2014 and 2015, the report said demand remains solid from LTE deployments, outlying 3G network expansion and backhaul enhancements for existing connections.Long-term growth in the market will be driven by 5G upgrades and LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) expansion, and as a result IHS is now projecting global mobile backhaul equipment revenue to total USD 8.76 billion in 2020, 3 percent higher than it predicted in April.

***New Zealand's government has launched the next phase of its Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI), which aims to provide 50 Mbps services to 99% of the population by 2025.The government is also targeting mobile coverage black spots on major roads and at popular tourist destinations under its Mobile Black Spot Fund (MBSF). NZ$100 million (€65.3 million) has been allocated to RBI2, and NZ$50 million to the MBSF.

*** AT&T claims over pro-Google Fiber rules are false, says FCC
The Federal Communications Commission has intervened in a dispute between AT&T and Louisville, Kentucky, saying one of the former’s legal arguments is incorrect.

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