Orange launches €50 VR headset 

French incumbent aims to make virtual reality accessible with affordable device.
Orange on Thursday made a bid to broaden the appeal of virtual reality with the launch of a mid-range VR headset.

Priced at €49.99, the VR1 is designed to attach to a smartphone, and is compatible with screen sizes ranging from 4.7 inches to 6 inches. Developed by mobile accessory maker Strax, it comes with built-in headphones and a leather face cushion for comfort.
By attaching to a smartphone, Orange and Strax have side-stepped the complexity of integrating motion-tracking sensors and a screen, which would have driven the price up.

"With the Orange VR1 headset, our ambition is to propose a device that makes VR accessible to our customers and in doing so, provides them with a user-friendly experience allowing them to enjoy VR content using their existing smartphone, whether iOS or Android," said Yves Maitre, EVP of Orange's connected objects and partnership team.

The VR1 is designed to be used with Orange's VR 360 application, which comes included with the cost of the headset and provides a tutorial about how to set up the VR1, plus access to content designed for virtual reality, including videos and a game. Orange said it plans to keep updating the app with more content.
The VR1 will go on sale in select markets over the coming three months, including France, Spain, Belgium, Poland and Luxembourg, with other countries to follow.

Thursday's announcement comes a week after Orange enabled its TV customers in France to watch content on their Samsung Gear VR headset.
At the beginning of December, Orange also plans to launch 'Orange VR Experience', a virtual reality test programme that will allow the telco to experiment with native VR content in partnership with the likes of Twentieth Century Fox Innovation Lab and Warner Bros., among others.

"We want to position Orange at the forefront of the VR revolution, creating new virtual experiences for our customers in an effortless manner," Maitre said.

SOURCE: Total Telecom