In Brief: Samsung has exchanged 57% of Note 7s sold in Europe 

Samsung said it has exchanged 57% of all the Galaxy Note 7s sold in Europe in line with its recall programme.The Korean electronics giant has been replacing its flagship handset after reports emerged of devices catching on fire.The global recall is expected to cost Samsung upwards of $1 billion.So far,90% of Note 7 customers have chosen a like-for-like swap, while 3% chose an alternative Samsung Galaxy smartphone.Presumably the remaining 7% opted for a refund.Samsung reiterated that all Note 7 owners who have yet to receive a replacement should switch off their phone.

*** Cameroon’s fixed line monopoly operator State-owned Camtel,has taken the eyebrow-raising step of threatening to cut off public sector telecoms service end-users if they do not pay their overdue bills.As reported by Jeune Afrique,CamTel began a campaign to recover arrears which have reached a cumulative total (public and private sectors combined)of XAF65 billion(USD111.4 million),with users racking up new debts of XAF3 billion since the start of this year alone.The state and its agencies represent the bulk of unpaid charges,such as public television broadcaster CRTV which owes around XAF4 billion,although there are notable private clients with significant debts such as ISP Creolink(estimated at XAF3.4 billion in the report).In its statement on Monday,CamTel expressed readiness to immediately restore services to disconnected customers who pay their arrears.

***The Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information has issued an administrative order that prohibits Facebook with immediate effect to collect and store data of German WhatsApp users.Facebook is also ordered to delete all the data that has already been forwarded by WhatsApp.Facebook and WhatsApp are independent companies that process their users’ data on the basis of their own Terms and Conditions and Data Privacy Policies.After the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook two years ago, both parties have publicly assured that data will not be shared between them.

***Angola will raise the standard tariffs for all telephony and internet access services for end-users next month.The ‘telecoms tariff unit’(Unidade Tarifaria de Telecomunicacoes,UTT)is being hiked to AOA10(USD0.06)from the existing rate of AOA7.2 –a level which has stood since 2005 – following approval from the Economic Commission and the Council of Ministers.The change was confirmed to the press by the Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies,who attributed the tariff readjustment to sharp inflation rates in Angola.The move was finalised by the government after negotiations between telecoms regulator the Angolan Institute of Communications (INACOM) and operators.In Angola,prices for telecoms services such as pre-paid mobile credit top-up cards are routinely displayed with their UTT unit amount/value:e.g.under the new tariff scheme a ‘125 UTT’ top-up card which previously cost AOA900 to purchase will now set consumers back AOA1,250.

***The Ugandan government has signed a $2.5 million contract with Chinese vendor ZTE to build a national fibre backbone.ZTE will replace infrastructure installed in 2003 with dense wavelength division multiplexing(DWDM)equipment.The deal will be funded through a vendor finance agreement and the network will be operated by the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company (UETCL).