Telkom to make BlackBerry phones for Indonesian market 

BlackBerry has announced a deal for a joint venture in Indonesia to produce BlackBerry phones. The newly formed company BB Merah Putih will receive a licence to BlackBerry software and services for the production of handsets for the Indonesian market. While BlackBerry's strategy has shifted to software, Indonesia remains one of the few markets where its iconic handsets are still very popular. In the past the company has launched dedicated phones and apps for the Indonesian market.

BB Merah Putih will source,distribute and promote BlackBerry-branded devices that use BlackBerry’s secure Android software and applications. BB Merah Putih will have full access to the BlackBerry experience, which includes the trusted BlackBerry for Android secure software, for production of new devices in Indonesia.

The joint venture was created in support of the Indonesian government’s efforts to promote the development,manufacturing and creation of locally sourced products,while also increasing the number of value-added LTE smartphones available and sold in the country. It is being led by local distributor Tiphone Mobile, an affiliate of operator Telekomunikasi Indonesia(Telkom).The JV and its affiliates account for nearly half of the total Indonesian mobile market.

SOURCE: Telecom Paper