Serbian telecom 2015 revenues rose 8.3% to EUR 1.5 bln 

Serbian telecom operators earned EUR 1.55 billion in 2015 (+8.3% on 2014), of which EUR 902 million came from mobile telephony services alone (58% of the total), according to the annual report of Serbian regulator Ratel. Total investments in the electronic communications sector amounted to EUR 276 million (+46% y-on-y), of which 60 percent were channeled for mobile and fixed telephony.

The number of fixed telephony users continued to drop, from 2.72 million in 2014 to 2.6 million in 2015, accounting for a 36.8 percent penetration rate. A total of 111,338 fixed numbers were ported in 2015, compared to 104,725 a year earlier.

Mobile telephony users were also down, from 9.34 million to 9.16 million, which equals to a 129.38 percent penetration rate. Of the total, 50.4 percent were pre-paid users and 49.6 percent post-paid.
Telenor accounted for 41 percent of total revenues in the mobile segment, followed by Telekom Srbija (36%) and Vip mobile (23%). In terms of market share, Telekom Srbija is first with 46.1 percent (44.56% in 2014), followed by Telenor with 32.3 percent (33.27% in 2014) and Vip mobile with 21.6 percent (22.17% in 2014).

A total of 118,490 mobile numbers were ported in 2015, compared to 99.142 a year earlier. The number of broadband internet connections in 2015 amounted to 1.6 million (+3% on 2014), of which ADSL access accounts for 725,000, or 45 percent of the total. Fixed broadband internet users grew from 1.51 million to 1.56 million (22.09% penetration rate). The number of mobile broadband users dropped 16 percent y/y, to 242,000.

Telenor Srbija is the biggest ISP with a 46 percent market share, followed by SBB (21%) and Telenor (7%).Pay-TV subscribers also increased in the same period, from 1.5 to 1.6 million (22.55% penetration rate). SBB is the market leader with 47 percent, followed by Telekom Srbija (25%) and Posta (5%). Cable is the main distribution technology with around 926,000 subscribers, followed by IPTV (405,000) and DTH (258,000).

Source: Telecom Paper