Telstra conducts live 5G test with Ericsson 

Telstra conducts live 5G test with Ericsson
Telstra announced that it has tested in cooperation with Ericsson one of the world's first 5G radio test beds, in Melbourne. The Australian carrier first announced the plans last month and the first live 5G trial in Australia has now been conducted, demonstrating 5G capabilities in a real-world environment, including speed and beam steering tests.

The test bed used 800 MHz of spectrum in a previously unattainable, high frequency band, which is 10 times more spectrum than Telstra uses with its 4G service. Testing revealed total download speeds (to two mobiles) greater than 20 Gbps.

The test employed beam steering technology, where the beam steering antenna array tracks a user’s location and directs a mobile signal straight to their device rather than sending it out in all directions or to a particular sector as it does today. The tests demonstrated the accuracy beam steering can achieve as a result of less interference and a higher quality signal, Telstra said, adding this means more capacity in the network and an improved network performance.

Telstra said the test was significant as it occurred outdoors rather than in a laboratory. Given Australia’s environment, size and population density, the operator expects different considerations will be needed for rolling out 5G than in other countries.

Source: Telecompaper