Deutsche Telekom creates pan-European production model 

Deutsche Telekom has inaugurated its first production site in Budapest on its way to create a pan-European production model with its own infrastructure. Another two production sites are planned to be opened in 2017, in Poland and Greece, and to be the backend of Deutsche Telekom’s future European infrastructure, together with Hungary.

The Hungarian site is due to be operational by the end of this year, and able to operate the first services for all European country organisations. On the pan-European network, individual services such as SMS, voicemail or e-mail are due to be available in the form of product components for all countries. Each country can combine these components individually. Furthermore, Deutsche Telekom will able to offer new services within days in the whole of Europe, it said.

The 'Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net' was founded in May 2015 for the management and the control of the new infrastructure. Located in Bratislava, it will be the first point of contact for Deutsche Telekom’s European subsidiaries. The organisation is also responsible for negotiations with IT and NT suppliers for the whole company. Kerstin Gunther and Sven Hischke will form the new management for the organisation. Hischke coordinates the Pan-IP transformation programme at Deutsche Telekom at the same time.

Source: Telecom Paper