Mobile Networks Blamed When 3rd-Party Wi-Fi is Bad 

A new survey has revealed that subscribers blame their mobile operator for network quality issues experienced on their mobile phone, even when they are connected to Wi Fi networks a vast majority of the time. A third of mobile subscribers have changed their service provider due to perceived network quality issues, with over 25% switching operators three or more times in the last 10 years.

The survey, conducted by Procera Networks, revealed customer attitudes towards data services, information about how they consume data, and what they find important. Despite experiencing network quality issues on Wi-Fi, nine out of ten respondents believe the quality of their Wi-Fi connection is 'Better' or 'Much Better' than the quality of the mobile network. This was backed up by Wi-Fi usage trends, with over half of those surveyed stating they were connected to Wi-Fi for 50% to 80% of the day.

The survey also revealed data usage trends and customer preferences for services across different geographies. Web surfing, streaming video, and social media proved to be the most popular services and are the most sensitive to quality degradations. The survey revealed some similarities in terms of preference and experience across the different regions.

When asked to rate their experience of services from 'A' (perfect) to 'F' (unusable):
•1 in 3 African and North American subscribers scored their experience of web surfing with an 'A'
•1 in 3 Asian and North American subscribers scored their experience of social media with an 'A'
•1 in 3 of European subscribers scored their experience of web surfing and social media with an 'A'

The experience of streaming video scored much lower. Only 15% of European subscribers and just over 10% of North American subscribers awarded an 'A' to streaming video. Real-time gaming scored the worst among subscribers worldwide, with the highest number of respondents awarding it an 'F'.

"The findings demonstrate how poor quality of experience can influence a subscriber's decision to switch network operators. This is evidenced by the fact that over a quarter of subscribers have changed their operator a number of times during the last ten years," said Thomas Vasen, Senior Director Subscriber Experience Marketing of Procera Networks.

"Operators need to understand the quality their network delivers in application categories that matter to subscribers. Applications have different network requirements to perform well; in order to plan improvements, operators need to understand what their network is capable of delivering and what subscribers care about. In addition, the survey indicates that subscribers disregard which technology is delivering the service, seeing their Operator as responsible overall. It shows that true convergence is a reality for the user - further consolidation of mobile and fixed/WiFi networks will be a key strategy in securing the quality of experience that an operator delivers to their subscribers," he added.

Source. Cellular News