In Brief:Telecom Italia lays 250 km of fibre per hour 

Telecom Italia shared details of its high-speed broadband rollout project,including the fact that it is currently laying hundreds of kilometres of fibre every 60 minutes."Thanks to the major investment plan dedicated to ultrabroadband,we are proceeding at a rate of 250 km of fibre optic cables laid on average every hour,"said group chairman Giuseppe Recchi,In total,the Italian incumbent has rolled out more than 11 million kilometres of fibre-optic cables to support its high-speed broadband plan.It has covered 1,100 Italian municipalities with fibre,while 6,300 are able to access 4G services via the TIM mobile network.

***The President of Tanzania has dissolved the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority(TCRA)board and suspended its Director General for failing to implement the Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring System(TTMS).The decision followed a meeting involving the Communications Ministry,the Ministry of Finance & Planning and Tanzania’s anti-corruption bureau(PCCB)which concluded that the failure to implement the TTMS system was costing the government around USD179 million in lost telecoms revenues per year.The President also instructed ICT Minister to appoint an Acting Director General for the TCRA immediately,and urged the relevant authorities to ensure that the delayed local calls revenue collection system could commence operations as soon as possible.The President stressed:‘Make sure that you take action immediately.I want us to properly collect revenue.I will not hesitate to take appropriate action against anyone who will hinder the process".

***Monrovia —One of the worst-kept secrets in Liberian business circles appear to be gaining traction amid reports that the Government of Liberia is on the verge of entering into the already tight cellular phone market. FrontPageAfrica has learned from multiple sources that the Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (Libtelco) has sealed a takeover deal with one of the struggling cellular phone companies in Liberia, Novafone.The deal,according to multiple sources is valued around US$30 million with the company reportedly to receive US$5 million up front.The remaining balance expected to be paid within a year.But the Managing Director of Libtelco when contacted by FrontPageAfrica said the amount being speculated is wrong.

***Intel will be halting its smartphone chip lines, reported AnandTech, citing a report on Intel’s new strategy published. The report said that Intel has changed its smartphone SoC plans and canceled its forthcoming Broxton (smartphone and tablet) and SoFIOA products.Intel confirmed the report,that it wants to transform from a PC company to one that powers the cloud and smart, connected computing devices. The company has therefore canceled the Broxton platform as well as SoFIA 3GX, SoFIA LTE and SoFIA LTE2 commercial platforms in line with the strategy.

***Xinwei Telecom Enterprise Group of China has announced that it has finally launched mobile services in Nicaragua, operating under the CooTel brand name. Official government media outlet El Digital 19 quotes general manager as saying that the telco has installed 1,000 base transceiver stations (BTS) on utility poles belonging to the state electricity company. Xinwei has made an initial investment of USD200 million and created 300 jobs,the report adds.The launch sees Xinwei go head-to-head with Telefonica-backed Movistar and America Movil (AM)-subsidiary Claro.